My debut album, "Secret Garden", is a fusion of classically influenced New Age piano and strings with vintage electric and acoustic guitar. While the album is considered New Age it has elements of both classic rock and world music. World music fans will appreciate the tracks "Bali Bells" and "Between Two Worlds" because they recall the sounds of the Indonesian xylophone and the Indian sitar. New Age listeners will find unexpected surprises throughout the album as elements of John Mayer and Uli Jon Roth's playing styles are infused into the music. These surprises don't detract from the relaxing nature of the music but rather call to mind other genres that can peacefully coexist with New Age. "Secret Garden" was mastered by Grammy award winning engineer, Corin Nelsen. 

Some Recent Reviews: 

"Secret Garden is a shining example of the fusion of many different styles of music. They are blended together to craft a sound all her own that is both emotive and up lifting. New Age, rock, world music and classical all blend together for a sound that any connoisseur of music will appreciate." - New Age Music Reviews

"Secret Garden is one of those albums that will bring you something different, something that is much needed in this genre of so called new age music, I personally liked it and cannot wait to hear more from Monica Logani in the future." - One World Music, UK

“Secret Garden” is a uniquely enjoyable debut from this rising talent, and will likely be appreciated by many fans of neoclassical, contemporary instrumental and new age piano music". ~Candice Michelle, Journeyscapes Radio

Please enjoy a sampling of music from the album below. Music is available at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. 

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Montana Public Radio, Missoula, MT

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