New Age Musician

Monica Logani is a pianist and composer who recently debuted her New Age Album, Secret Garden. Her music is a fusion of classically influenced piano and strings with vintage electric and acoustic guitar.

Photographer and Philanthropist

Monica is a hobbyist photographer specializing in nature and people. Her style consists of colorful and playful imagery, which she captures in her travels around the world.

Along with her children, Monica co-founded Immortal Soles, a non-profit that provides athletic footwear to needy children around the world who engage in organized sports to better their lives.
Immortal Soles

Securities Analyst

Monica Logani, CFA is a seasoned securities analyst who focuses on small capitalization publicly traded equities. While working on Wall Street her work was cited in numerous business publications and media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Investors Business Daily and CNBC.