“Monica Logani’s “The Long Road” is a captivating and thought-provoking release…Logani truly is a gifted pianist and composer…she is one of the most promising pianists of our time. One word; Bravo! ”

“One of the things notable about this album is that each song leaves you wanting more. My ultimate favorite on the album is, “Space.” This is stunningly beautiful, with the piano and string instrumentation giving us a delicious depth and expansive breadth of atmosphere. This (album) is masterful artistry. Yes, masterful, indeed.”

“Monica’s spiritually inspiring piano beauty, The Long Road, is top-of-the-line. I believe the song “Juliette” will be getting major airplay around the globe! I give Monica and her supporting instrumentalists a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMEND rating for this excellent musical journey”

“From the tender and thoughtful opener “Birds” through the solemn heartbreaking moment of “The Last Embrace,” Monica paints a portrait of a meaningful life so well lived that it will continue to change her life (and maybe ours, as we listen and absorb the uncommon magical beauty) until they meet again.”

“The Long Road is a truly beautiful masterpiece of moving musical constructs, a deeply emotive, yet wonderfully inspiring collection of delightful performed pieces. This is an album that pulled me in and never let me leave until the last note, and only really good albums can do that. In my view, her best work so far and one played and performed with her heart firmly on her sleeve, full marks Monica Logani.”

“Monica Logani’s debut album Secret Garden is a shining example of the fusion of many different styles of music. They are blended together to craft a sound all her own that is both emotive and uplifting. New Age, rock, world music and classical all blend together for a sound that any connoisseur of music will appreciate. Logani is going on my watch list and I expect to see even more great things in the years to come.”

Inspired by the death of a close friend, Juliette Calayag Pralle, Monica Logani created “The Long Road,” which has been described as “a spiritual narrative about life and loss.” Many of the pieces on the album are quite short – two to three minutes in length – paralleling the life of Juliette, “whose journey was short, but her love was strong, and her life was full.”

“The Long Road is a very personal expression of emotional experiences. My favorite piece on the album is the exotic and mysterious “Devotion.” Hypnotic Middle Eastern harmonies and rhythms captivate as the piano and guitars work their magic…t’s a real standout to these ears!”

“The album draws to a close with Monica’s most interesting and philosophically inspired composition, Between Two Worlds. This track had a bit of an exotic feel and I liked Monica’s use of space and minor notes in her playing which added an air of mystery.”

“The first notes entice you to open the gate then enter the garden of life, of sound and pleasure as you listen to the subtle creation of this delightful album presented by Monica Logani.”