monicawebsiteMy parents bought a piano for our family when I was seven years old. It was an upright mahogany Baldwin and I was immediately intrigued by its beauty and melodic tone. I would sit there for hours attempting to make sense of all the keys and try to create harmonious sounds. When my parents sensed my deep curiosity toward the instrument they found me a piano teacher. For the next ten years I was classically trained and learned to play the masterpieces from the great composers. Although I enjoyed the music and frequently performed for an audience, I did not love the process. Classical training required a lot of discipline and not much room for creativity. What I played came from creative genius but it was not my own. I continued to play for several years and then got sidetracked by college, graduate school and a career on Wall Street. 

My love affair with the piano resurfaced years later when a friend bought an apartment in Manhattan from a pianist who left behind an Antique Weber player piano. My friend, who had no interest in it, offered it to me and I gladly accepted. Unfortunately the piano looked a lot better than it sounded but it hooked me once again. This time I was determined to play by ear. When the 2008 Financial Crisis hit, I traded the antique Weber in for a new Yamaha grand piano and enrolled in the Village East Conservatory of Music where I studied composition, harmony, theory and the related sciences. I quickly realized that I now had the "keys to the kingdom". A few years into my training I was challenged to write a piece of music. Although I initially laughed at the thought of it, thinking "I cant' do that", once I put my mind to it I fell in love with the creative process and looked for inspiration to ignite it. 

Secret Garden is a compilation of my creative journey during the last five years. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it.